Space Clearing is an ancient and powerful cleansing technique used by many indigenous cultures throughout the world.

Every Being on Earth and Beyond is energy and, every object and space, or place, is also Energy.  Emotional and psychic energies gather over time within our spaces and places and need to be cleared and released to reclaim a peaceful, joyful, harmonious and protected environment.

Space Clearing is a powerful and effective means of eliminating disruptive, negative and intrusive energies from your home or business.  It is an effective way to release non-beneficial experiences, thoughts, beliefs, memories patterns and attachments from your home or business.

These clearings shift energy into a higher and more beneficial frequency.

The effects of Space Clearing and Blessing are surprisingly quick and dramatic.

Our space clearing techniques will clear each and every corner of your space where old energy might be lingering, resulting in a powerful purification and the implementation of changes.

All Space Clearings are tailored to the individual needs of the client as each home/business and space is unique.  

We work with The Highest Source to clear away and bless your home or space. The material tools often used during a Space Clearing include Incense, Salt,  Chimes, Crystals, Essential Oils, Candles and other sacred objects as guided by the energies of the space and intuitive guidance.   

Thereafter the space is blessed.

Once the space has been cleared, the energies of the people occupying the space should also be cleared if at all possible.

A Space Clearing and Blessing can take up to 4 hours (average 3 bedroom residential property) and longer in bigger spaces.

We leave special  Crystal pouches  on the property when we are finished with the procedure.  This offers continued protection and clearing.

Reasons to have a Space Clearing and Blessing performed include:

Removal of energies of the previous occupants/guests/clients when moving into a new home or business

Strange sounds and smells in your home especially at night when going to sleep

Inability to sleep as you feel that someone is watching or following you. Children are especially sensitive to this experience

A general feeling of being uncomfortable or afraid with no obvious explanation

Infestation of ant, rats, mice, bees, and so on – these creatures all have metaphysical meanings

It will help sell your home/business by removing emotional attachment and unresolved issues which may repel potential buyers.

If you have been recently divorced or bereaved or in a new relationships/marriage

If you have health concerns, low energy or vitality, and an unusually high occurrence of arguments within the home

If you are experiencing continual break ins or physical abuse

If you simply want a fresh start or new beginning

For increased profits of a new or existing business

For improved harmony and productivity in the workplace

To facilitate career changes

Removal of energetic attachments (unexplained noises and movements)

Following significant life changes (such as marriage, or the birth of a child)

When you have been experiencing a period of bad luck, stress, anxiety, tense, unmotivated, mood swings or depression to clear those vibrations from your space

If you have been feeling stuck or hopeless about some aspect of your life

When you want your home to have a clean and welcoming energy for visitors


If we encounter trapped or lost souls as we do the clearing, we offer to send them to the Light and/or pass on messages that they might give us.

There are many reasons why some souls do not cross over and we will find out what the reason is and assist them.

Many properties are even built on burial grounds or battlefields that the owners may know - or not know - about. The energetic imprint left on the land in such cases is enormous.

Negative Leylines (energy lines) running through homes and properties can cause havoc. We clear and divert these lines if we find them.


Curses (or spells) have been used throughout history.

Such things can also be known as a hex or a jinx. Different cultures seem to have different ways of directing them, but in fact they all have the same basis...focused intent.

We offer to clear these for you using different methods.

We can do this long distance – we just need a personal item of yours and preferably a photograph of yourself.

Symptoms of a Curse

Violent arguments or fighting that comes from out of nowhere for no good reason.

Seeming inability to create happiness or wealth. Every step forward causes two steps back.

Sudden unexplainable loss of wealth or prosperity that has nothing to do with economic conditions

Death of a loved one or several family members that doesn’t make any sense.

Sexual abuse of yourself or your children.

The end of a perfect relationship via jealousy from outsiders.

Weird things happening in your home or office after being given gifts by so-called friends or clients.

Sudden illness or health breakdown that doesn’t seem normal or natural.

The onset of fears, phobias and depression.

Feeling powerless over your circumstances or thinking there’s nothing you can do

Inability to communicate with your children. They no longer listen to you because they have other “advisors.”

Feelings of being unloved and unlovable. Feeling that you’ll never amount to anything.

And more.

We have spent the past several years searching for answers about the unknown, life after death, and spirituality, and have studied many courses facilitated by professional teachers.

We have vast experience in our field of expertise.

We have the gift of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, and Claircognizance.

We have inner peace and an awareness of our very important life mission…to help others.

We will meet with you before the clearing and chat about what you wish us to help you with.

This is included in the fee.

Quotes given after the information we need is provided – size of property, location, apparent problems etc.

We also offer you personal clearing – done by ourselves or by resident healers and therapists at Shanthi Sanctuary – after your house clearing. This is optional but highly recommended.

We will advise you as to who we think is best suited to your need.

Larger properties, factories, hospitals, prisons, lands and sites quoted for individually.

We charge R4.50 per kilometre for travelling further than 15 kilometres from Shanthi.

References available.




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