The ultimate indulgence. This gentle, loving and nurturing massage pampers the body and acknowledges the soul.  Working only on the back of the body using 12 coloured oils, sound vibrations and energy healing, you are left feeling safe and supported on all levels.  

It unlocks your hidden potential by releasing the old baggage.  

An absolute must if you are ready to transform your life.


Worked on the back of the body only this gentle massage balances your energy centres while you are anointed with the 7 beautiful coloured oils.  Let go of all your worries and cares - this relaxing and soothing treatment is a stress reliever of note.  Restoring balance & harmony to body and soul.

ANGELIC MASSAGE:  Kissed by an Angel

Feel yourself wrapped in the wings of an Angel as these divine oils anoint your body.  This is the ultimate in energy healing: soft, gentle, loving and simply divine.  During this time a triangle of light is opened between you, the therapist and the Angelics.  An experience not to be missed.

BACK TO BASICS: For those with little time but lots of need

A half hour back neck and shoulder release, using a coloured oil of your choice.

This quick fix helps you cope.  Do this weekly and watch how your life changes.   

By taking care of yourself regularly your stress levels drastically reduce.






VortexHealing ® – Divine Grace healing




Time: 7 pm - 9 pm

Price: R 250



VortexHealing ® is a energy therapy modality that works with divine healing energy and divine consciousness that is channeled through my being into the client. When this happens a form of multi-dimensional healing occurs that becomes literally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and even karmically transformational. VortexHealing ® works directly from the realm of divine consciousness. When you receive a healing you receive from a multitude of energetic and divine frequencies simultaneously. A session involves an open dialogue with one another, to see where the session wants to go. It is done as a hands-on therapy in person. VortexHealing ® is like an energetic toolkit, utilizing different skills and techniques for different conditions and symptoms. You may not be aware of the entirety of any particular condition – this will be revealed during the course of the treatment.

Experience a holistic system of energetic healing channeling Divine LIGHT and consciousness to heal the body, transform emotional patterns, and awaken us to True Self.

Come join me, Vuyo Mellet, for the next of my magically transformational monthly group VortexHealing ® session.

The focus issue of this session is: Clearing Trauma

In this session, we will be energetically clearing trauma that is most affecting you through your whole system using Merlin's grace VortexHealing ® tools.

I have found clearing trauma to be a profound shift on many levels. It is like you are existing in life through this veil of trauma which can be described as a mesh of pain,shock,terror and suffering. This really affects being actually present in life and can affect your body at later stages in life ( if not now ). Trauma is conscious/unconscious, subtle/ dramatic, present life/past life.

Types of traumatic experience : Sexual Abuse or Assault, Physical Abuse or Assault, Emotional Abuse/Psychological Maltreatment, Neglect, Serious Accident or Illness/Medical Procedure, Witness to Domestic Violence, Victim/Witness to Community Violence, School Violence, Natural or Manmade Disasters, Forced Displacement, War/Terrorism/Political Violence, Victim/Witness to Extreme Personal/Interpersonal Violence, Traumatic Grief/Separation, System-Induced Trauma...

You can write down or hold an intention before the healing of whatever trauma you would like to release/clear. The divine will take care of the rest.

This is will be a  deep unwinding process. Becoming unstuck is vital if we are to truly let go , open to life , evolve , awaken & embody the realization of our true nature if we are on a path of liberation.

For more info on the various aspects of your energy system, please got to this link :

Please go to the link below for an in depth explanation and healing of Vortexhealing ® :

Time: 7 pm - 9 pm

Price: R 250

Please bring a pillow and blanket to lie down on. You want to be as comfortable as u can.

Venue: Shanti Sanctuary

1st floor

2 Eddy Avenue (Cnr Van der Linde)


Gauteng South Africa

GPS S26° 10.918' E28° 7.578'

More about VortexHealing ® :

More about Vuyo Mellet :

Spaces are limited so please book in advance -  please contact Vuyo Mellet .


Mobile: 079 365 1960



Bookings Open for Reiki and Readings

Friday afternoons from 2pm to 5pm and Saturday mornings 9am to 1pm

Highly recommended

More information and bookings -  Wendy at


As a Psychic Medium, I am able to connect with spirit guides, where I receive messages about a clients past, present and future.
These messages may be beneficial to help bring clarity on their lives and where it may be leading.
Many of the messages that I have received for my clients have been healing on many levels.
                        AND  REIKI
A quantity that is almost impossible to define! Energy can never be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another. Among the familiar forms are heat energy, energy of motion, electrical energy, and sound energy.

Reiki is a form of energy healing. This form of healing helps to maintain balance within, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki is a form or spiritual or energy healing. It helps open up and remove blockages within the system. Each system within our bodies is intimately connected to the seven major charkas. When a particular chakra is healthy, balanced and open, so are its connected body parts, but when a chakra is blocked, damaged or closed, the health of the connected body parts and systems will begin to reflect this. Our chakras are affected by everything that happens to us - good things as well as bad. When a chakra is blocked it will affect the flow of chi or energy around the physical and energy bodies, and thereby the general state of health of the person. The chakra then needs healing to uncover and remove whatever is blocking it. Reiki will help remove these blockages and restore balance.


A Reiki session is a very pleasant and relaxing experience, which lasts between half an hour and an hour. Treatments are carried out with the client fully clothed (except the shoes) on a massage or practitioners table. The practitioner (or Reiki Masters) hands are placed and held still for a few minutes in specific positions over the chakras or areas of specific pain or discomfort. While energy then flows through you are able to achieve a very deep state of relaxation, which allows physical, mental or emotional stress to leave the body.
Most people who come for a Reiki treatment want help with a specific problem, or with long-term chronic complaints. Some people simply want to relax and recharge the batteries. 
Information on Damian Wood

Damian is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Practitioner and also holds a Bsc in Natural Health where he studied Nutrition and Herbology. He has always believed in the connection between the body and soul when it comes to health and healing of an individual. He has contributed articles to the South African Journal of Natural Medicine, where his articles on Reiki and Natural Health have been well received. During sessions, Damian combines his ability as a Psychic Medium with Reiki, to help identify any blockages that may occur. He receives messages from spirit guides regarding his clients past, present and future. He has noticed with many of his clients how various emotions may manifest into physical ailments, and how beneficial and healing the messages he receives may be for his clients. Damians goal is to help his clients restore balance, both physically and emotionally.

Book with Wendy at shanthi@worldonline.