Serenity Kids Mindfulness Class @ Shanthi


9.30AM TO 11AM

For 7-11 year olds :

From 25th / 26th July 2015 Serenity will offer classes for

younger kids, aged 7 to 11 years old at Shanthi.

Due to popular demand and special request, this mindfulness class

will be incorporated into the last weekend of the month and

also be ongoing to serve parents, teachers and clients in the Bedfordview

and surrounding area’s on the East Rand.

For more information on this class and to book a space for your kids

– please contact :


What is Mindfulness ?

Mindfulness is a set of different techniques for living in the present moment

through meditation. It is the ability to be fully aware in the present moment

whilst allowing the mind to be quiet, still and focused.

Mindfulness is achieved through visualisation, movement, sound, colour,

crystal and flower healing and exploring the senses which ultimately

leads to a more enhanced meditative practice.

How does this help Children?

It helps alleviate stress and anxiety, it improves overall focus, clarity, emotional and spiritual balance and well-being, relationships, coping with peer pressure, enhanced academic performance, boosting self esteem and confidence.

What will be taught ?

Our July class will be focused on teaching kids mindfulness

through sound, crystal and flower therapy techniques,

learning to heal  and balancing our energy centres.

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Samantha is a registered spiritual teacher trained by Margi McAlpine

​Affiliated with the Angel Connection School of Africa

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