This space is here for you and offered with love.    

Wendy is the founder of Shanthi Sanctuary and is a  third generation metaphysician.

She has studied  the Usui system of natural healing or Usui Reiki

 Ryoho up to master  level;  has also studied many other spiritual teachings,

and is registered with the South African nursing council as a nursing sister and midwife  but

 trusts that God who is Love is the only healer.

Wendy ‘s understanding is that we are master creators and that our thoughts create our material  life.  

That we are responsible for everything that we experience

and  how we handle our  own experience is what counts.

Her understanding is that we are all perfect reflections of the one Divine Mind -

that there is only one Soul, one Life and one Intelligence.   

Therefore in Reality everything is a perfect expression,  or reflection,  of God - the one Mind -

                 Divine Love - and that this Love is the Principle of All that there is.

Shanthi hosts  many wonderful facilitators, teachers, energy workers and speakers who lovingly offer tools,

assistance , wisdom and guidance  to those who seek it.

But ultimately the belief is that one is responsible for one’s own spiritual growth

and therefore  one’s own healing through realising  and embracing one’s true Divinity.

We offer to guide people in such a way that they live in the present moment fully, and that their own

human will succumbs freely  and joyfully  to the Divine Will

through alignment and surrender to  the Highest Power which is Love.

This alignment and surrender must, without falter,  bring  to each individual grace,  serenity and peace -

the Peace that passeth all understanding.

 “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need”.                                               

                                                                    Mary Baker Eddy